Paintless Dent Repair in Staten Island, NY

If your vehicle has been dinged by a shopping cart or dented by hail, chances are you need paintless dent repair from Dependable Auto Body. Paintless dent repair (PDR) makes it easy to remove creases and dents when there is no paint damage. Our expert dent repair technicians restore your vehicle to better-than new status in no time. You’ll never be able to tell the dents were there without a before photo.
Paintless Dent on a Rear Bumper - Insurance Company in Staten Island, NY
To be a good candidate for PDR, your car or truck’s paint must be intact. It removes creases, shallow dings and dents ranging from the smallest pea-sized hail dents to large crater-sized dents caused by basket balls. It works on hoods, doors, trunks and the roof. Dents on the sharp edges of your car like the trunk and the door edges can’t be removed using PDR. The professionals at Dependable Auto Body always have a solution for your dents.
Be amazed by the results when you experience paintless dent repair from Dependable Auto Body. Come in today for a consultation to see if PDR is the dent repair solution for you.