Frame Straightening in Staten Island, NY

Collisions are never an easy thing to get past. While you’re healing physically and emotionally, your vehicle comes to Dependable Auto Body for collision repairs, including frame straightening. With our experienced collision repair and the best equipment, our experts can have your car back in tip-top shape.
Worker Repairing the Bumper of a Car - Insurance Company in Staten Island, NY

What is frame straightening?

In major collisions, it is common for the internal steel frame to be bent or even broken. It occurs in over half of all accidents, even in low-impact fender benders. The reason for this is the advent of crumple zones as a safety feature. It’s meant to have the chassis absorb the blow from a collision and not impact the carriage, resulting in fewer fatalities in car crashes.
Dependable Auto Body utilizes a frame machine to straighten the frame with the power of hydraulics and torque that would not be possible by hand. The machine also ensures the precision and stability that repairing the damage to the panels requires. You’ll be amazed at how much damage can be corrected with frame straightening.
If you have been in an auto accident in Staten Island, NY have your vehicle towed to Dependable Auto Body to get the best in collision repair.